May be next time

John McCain is a smart man.

It was a shrewd decision, on his part, to have Governor Palin on his ticket to the White House. Smart, agressive and from the middle class, Governor Palin seemed equal to the task. It didn’t hurt that she was also female, down to earth and attractive like the girl next door.

But during the vice presidential debate it became apparent that Sarah Palin does not have the depth of knowledge necessary to be a heart beat away from the Presidency. Many moderator-questions were avoided. Add expert dodge ball player to her resume.

If you ask me, and really…it’s just me saying this…may be John McCain should’ve crossed the party line again, this time asking Hiliary Clinton to be his VP. They would have made a great couple. Talk about non-partisian politics…really great things could have been achieved.

Well…I guess it’s our loss.

House Eats Pork

Well, they did it!

Yesterday Congress passed the $700,000,000,000 bail out plan and President Bush signed it. Did you count those zeros? That’s seven hundred BILLION dollars.

On top of that, just to sweeten the deal to get the House to go for it, additional BILLIONS in incentives were added. Can you smell it? That’s pork fat, baby. Tasty pork fat oozing and dripping out of the mouths of your government representatives.

The bill would not, could not, did not pass without this added pork.

Now we all know America needs to get over this crisis, but I fear we will have to crawl through a field of broken glass just to recover from this cash-infusion-cure. Could the cure be worst than the disease?

Look, we already spent billions in tax rebates earlier this year followed by more billions thrown to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Add the new monies just approved and it adds up to over a trillion dollars to pump up the economy. Where is all this money going to come from? May be we should borrow from China. Seems they have all our cash over the years.

Just to be clear, realize that the regular Joe on the street may not see any improvement…directly. And that’s if the plan works. At best, Joe…and Jane, may be able to keep their job…and maybe their home too.