May be next time

John McCain is a smart man.

It was a shrewd decision, on his part, to have Governor Palin on his ticket to the White House. Smart, agressive and from the middle class, Governor Palin seemed equal to the task. It didn’t hurt that she was also female, down to earth and attractive like the girl next door.

But during the vice presidential debate it became apparent that Sarah Palin does not have the depth of knowledge necessary to be a heart beat away from the Presidency. Many moderator-questions were avoided. Add expert dodge ball player to her resume.

If you ask me, and really…it’s just me saying this…may be John McCain should’ve crossed the party line again, this time asking Hiliary Clinton to be his VP. They would have made a great couple. Talk about non-partisian politics…really great things could have been achieved.

Well…I guess it’s our loss.

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